BNC series is a miniature quick mating and unmating RF connector used for coaxial cable connection. BNC connectors can be used up to 4 GHZ with the bayonet coupling. Both 50 OHM and 75 OHM impedances are available, and offer electrical performance from DC to 4GHz(50 OHM) and from DC to 1GHz(75 OHM). BNC connector Styles are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cable types. BNC connectors are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using b through-hole soldered and through-hole press-fit techniques, and surface mount techniques(SMD). Solder, Crimp and Clamp techniques are used for terminate BNC connector to Cable. BNC Connectors Applications incloud Antennas, Automotive, Base Stations, Telecom Broadcast(75OHM), Cable Assemblies, Satcom Cable Modems, Components, Instrumentation Computers/LAN, Oscilloscopes, MIL-Aero Medical Equipment, Radios Surge Protection

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